Mining is a competitive business, and hardware manufacturers are generally centralized. When orders of scale are applied, mining hardware becomes more specialized – its directly proportional.

We at Fracking Miner have taken a different approach to level the playing field for miners. With over two years of testing and refining, we are establishing a new standard that utilizes enterprise grade hardware, common to all data centers worldwide. Our form factors allow miners to be placed in any data center without any modifications necessary. Each Fracking Miner internally is powered by highly optimized software, controlled by our dashboard software for easy management with just a few buttons clicks.

We believe this approach, using commonly available hardware, gives access to more miners in a more decentralized fashion. It is also quickly deployable and expandable to every data center across the globe, helping decentralize and secure networks. Upgrades to hardware are as easy as simply swapping out an older module for a new one with minimal downtime. This ability to upgrade alongside the temperature-controlled environments of data centers provides a very long-life span for miner as compared to the short-term life cycle of most other miners. New software updates happen almost instantly across our DLI cloud infrastructure, even pushing updates to self-hosted miners through the dashboard.

Video from ChingasX at the Texas Bitcoin Conference 2018

You can choose to own and host your own equipment, host it in a data center, or simply own a portion of one server for a limited time as your needs or budget allow (hashrate contracts). You are not locked into one specialized hardware set that can only do one algorithm. Nor are you constantly trying to run the GPU race by buying and selling large quantities of cards that are constantly out of stock or have inflated prices.

From the hobby miner looking to convert their hard-earned fiat into some long-term crypto savings, to large date centers and enterprise level businesses looking to support blockchain projects and help secure networks by providing services to their clients and investors. Contact us today to learn more.

If you are a data center looking to fill rack space with volume ordering, give us a call directly.

Jim Andersen
Director, Mining Operations