Big Fracking Miner


The Big Fracking Miner – When you are serious about longer term crypto mining!

  • 4U Rack Mounted Chassis
  • 1 CPU module with 10x Xeon Phi co-processors
  • See chart for hash rate
  • In-place hosting: $200/month
  • Power Draw (if self hosted): ~10A @ 208V
  • Full control of your entire miner via Fracking Miner Dashboard

Note: Each module can be controlled separately, or they can be combined to work together on the algorithm you choose.

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Our Big Fracking Miner is built and shipped to eliminate the headache of setting everything up. We estimate that you will be mining within 10 minutes of unboxing your miner. Connecting your miner to our Fracking Dashboard takes care of the setup for you. Interested in hosting your Fracking Miner with us? Learn more about our hosting plans and pricing.